More Mass Bird Deaths

I’m sure you’ve heard about birds dying in swarms all over the country. Earlier this year, I read a this story on NPR’s blog “Krulwich Wonders” about how the migratory patterns of some birds have been messed up because of global warming. Could this be related to incidences of mass bird deaths? What’s your theory?


From: KRCG, Jefferson City

A startling discovery in Cole County Sunday has some residents wondering, ‘what’s going on?’ A number of birds were found dead much like they have been found in other parts of the country and world. But it might not be as uncommon as you might think.

In recent weeks large numbers of birds have fallen out of the sky without explanation. The deaths hadn’t hit mid-Missouri, until now. Although we’re not talking about thousands of birds like in Arkansas.

A KRCG viewer Jennifer Timbers called when she found about 30 dead Starlings in the middle of Rockridge Rd. near Frog Hollow in Cole County.

“For it to be right outside your home and I mean to hit locally, it really hits hard,” Timbers said.

Biologists from around the country said large mortality events in wildlife aren’t that uncommon. On average around 200 mass death events are reported to the U.S. government each year. But that still doesn’t make it anymore comforting to Timbers.

“No fireworks, we don’t have a hail storm, which I heard that was one of the original theories of this,” Timbers said. “But no, the weather was just an average winter evening.”

Timbers came across the Starlings Saturday afternoon. When she found them they were actually still warm.

“I went ahead and I picked up one of the birds off the road and I brought it home and saved it in a ziplock bag for the Department of Conservation.”

Of course the deaths of these animals have sparked conspiracy theories, but scientists say the deaths in Arkansas were most likely due to fireworks. However, we still have a mystery on our hands as to why the birds died in mid Missouri. Timbers has contacted the state department of conservation, she’s still waiting to hear back from them.


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